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Photography can take us on a journey. Where do you want to go?


Wildlife and Animal Photography
Animals are amazing to photograph. You have to be really patient and take tons of shots to get that very special one. With animals I like to capture the animal's true self, who s/he is as an individual, because all animals have individual personalities just like humans do. When you have compassion for an animal, it opens your heart and soul to amazing experiences.

Conservation Photography
The perfect blend of environmental science and photojournalism to heighten global awareness, and bring advocacy to conservation efforts around the world. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a unique photographic eye, I am all about preserving this beautiful planet and the creatures that inhabit it.

It is all about telling the story and enabling stewardship for the animals and our ecosystems. Everything is truly interconnected, and I believe each individual has the power to contribute in making massive positive change in our world. I strive to inspire others through my photographic stories to become a steward of this amazing planet Earth.

Nature and Landscapes
I love capturing the unique, magical essence of a place in that moment of time. When I look at the image, it instantly takes me back to that moment in time. For others, the image is a doorway into another realm where the beauty of our planet knows no bounds upon the human heart.

Conservation Photography, Nature Photography, Animal Photography, Wildlife Photography...
are just some of Kim's specialties when it comes to photography.



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